Village of Coon Valley Ordinances

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Title 1: General Provisions for Use of Code of Ordinances (click either line below for a single link to both chapters)

Chapter 1: Use and Construction of Code of Ordinances

Chapter 2: Use of Citation

Title 2: Government and Administration (click the links below)

Chapter 1: Village Government and Elections

Chapter 2: Village Board

Chapter 3: Municipal Officers and Employees

Chapter 4: Boards, Commission and Committees

Chapter 5: Ethics Code and Employment

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Chapter 1: Finance

Chapter 2: Special Assessments

Chapter 3: Public Records

Chapter 4: Disposal of Lost, Abandoned and Surplus Property

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Chapter 1: Review of Administrative Determinations

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Chapter 1: Law Enforcement

Chapter 2: Fire Prevention

Chapter 3: Fire Prevention Code; Hazardous Materials

Chapter 4: Regulation of Private Alarm Systems

Chapter 5: Emergency Government

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Chapter 1: Grades

Chapter 2: Streets and Sidewalks

Chapter 3: Driveways

Chapter 4: Trees and Shrubs

Title 7: Licensing & Regulation (for Chapters 1 & 2 - click those individual links; for Chapters 3- 10 - click any of those lines for a single link to all 8 of those chapters)

Chapter 1: Licensing of Dogs and Regulation of Animals

Chapter 2: Fermented Malt Beverages and Intoxicating Liquor

Chapter 3: Cigarette License (click any line of Chapters 3-10 for a single link to all 8 of those chapters)

Chapter 4: Transient Merchants

Chapter 5: Mobile Homes

Chapter 6: Regulation and Licensing of Fireworks

Chapter 7: Street Use Permits

Chapter 8: Regulation of Nonmetallic Mining

Chapter 9: Processions, Parades, Runs, Walks, Bicycle Races and Marathons

Chapter 10: Licensees to Pay Local Claims; Appellate Procedures

Title 8: Health & Sanitation (click any line below for a single link to all 3 chapters)

Chapter 1: Health and Sanitation

Chapter 2: Pollution Abatement

Chapter 3: Refuse Collection and Recycling

Title 9: Public Utilities (click any line below for a single link to all 3 chapters)

Chapter 1: Water Utility Regulations and Rates

Chapter 2: Sewer Utility Regulations and Rates

Chapter 3: Cable Television

Title 10: Motor Vehicles and Traffic (click any line below for a single link to all 5 chapters)

Chapter 1: Traffic and Parking

Chapter 2: Bicycles

Chapter 3: Snowmobiles

Chapter 4: All-Terrain Vehicles and Off-Road Motor Vehicle Operation

Chapter 5: Abandoned and Junked Vehicles

Title 11: Offenses and Nuisances (click any line below for a single link to all 8 chapters)

Chapter 1: State Statutes Adopted

Chapter 2: Offenses Against Public Safety and Peace

Chapter 3: Offenses Against Property

Chapter 4: Offenses Involving Alcoholic Beverages

Chapter 5: Offenses by Juveniles

Chapter 6: Public Nuisances

Chapter 7: Solid Fuel - Fired Outdoor Heating Device

Chapter 8: Buildings or Dwellings Which Constitute a Nuisance

Title 12: Parks and Navigable Waters; Village Hall Use (click any line below for a single link to both chapters)

Chapter 1: Parks and Navigable Waters

Chapter 2: Village Hall Use

Title 13: Zoning (click the links below)

Chapter 1: Zoning Code

Chapter 2: Floodplain Zoning

Title 14: Subdivision Regulations (click the link below)

Chapter 1: Subdivision Regulations

Title 15: Building Code (click any line below for a single link to all 6 chapters)

Chapter 1: Building Code

Chapter 2: Construction Site Erosion Control

Chapter 3: Fair Housing

Chapter 4: Minimum Housing Code

Chapter 5: Commercial Property Extension Maintenance Code

Chapter 6: Grievances Regarding Access to Public Buildings, Programs, Services and Employment

The following ordinances are important to know. This is a partial list.

Dogs and Cats

Dog & Cat Licenses are available in the Village Office. Each year your dogs and cats must be licensed in the Village of Coon Valley. In order to renew your pet’s license you must also have a copy of their current rabies certificate. The fee to renew the license of a neutered or spayed animal is $3.00 and $8.00 if they are not neutered or spayed. Licenses must be obtained on or before March 31st, within 30 days of acquiring a new pet, or when a puppy or kitten has reached the age of vaccination (puppies and kittens cannot be vaccinated until they are 5 months old).

Licenses issued on or after April 1st are assessed a $5.00 late fee per pet.

The Village has a 2 dog and 2 cat limit per household. In some circumstances a special kennel license can be obtained which will allow you to have 3 dogs and/or 3 cats. There is a specific procedure that needs to be followed to obtain this license. Contact the Village Office for details.

It is a Village ordinance that all dogs must be on a leash and that dog feces must be picked up and properly disposed of. Two dog waste bag dispensers are located along the walking path in the park for your use. Pet owners must not allow accumulation of animal waste on their own property

Leaves and Lawn clippings cannot be burned within the Village limits. Grass, leaves, branches and any larger lawn debris must be brought to the brush and grass clipping site located on Jack Berg Lane near the sewer plant. Remove clippings from bags.

DO NOT put construction or landscaping material, plastic or garbage in this site. If caught, you could be fined up to $250

Summary Information:

Swimming pools of a specified size must have a fence surrounding it which prevents public access to the pool.

A fence permit must be obtained for all fences erected in the Village limits. There is no charge for this permit, however there are restrictions on fence height, placement and material.

Grass Clippings

Grass clippings and other debris from your yards cannot be blown into the streets. There is a $150 citation if caught doing this. This is a problem because it clogs the storm sewers.

Permits are required for all building construction including new homes, alterations and additions to existing homes, basement, sheds, patios, porches and garages.

If you see someone violating Village ordinances, please contact the Village office.