Yard Waste, Trash Collection and Recycling

Yard Waste:

Yard waste, garden waste, trees, branches and shrubs must be brought to an area located on Jack Berg Lane in the Industrial Park. This is available to Village of Coon Valley residents only. The Industrial Park is located on the west end of town off of Old Mill Rd.

Construction and landscape material, treated lumber, plastic or garbage cannot be brought to this site. Wreaths, pots, etc can not be brought to this site. There is a fine of up to $250 for illegal dumping.

Starting January 10, 2022, only Southwest Sanitation Garbage and Recycling wheeled totes will be picked up in the Village of Coon Valley.

Click on the links below for additional info:

Coon Valley Public Notice Regarding Trash Collection Changes

2021 FAQs for Garbage and Recycling

Automated Collection Handout from Southwest Sanitation

Trash Collection:

Provider: The Village contracts with Southwest Sanitation for trash collection. Southwest Sanitation's contact information is 608-637-8010 or 888-523-7110. They have dumpsters available. Call them for current prices and delivery.

When Garbage is Picked Up: Garbage collection occurs every Monday, unless an actual holiday falls on Monday. Then pickup occurs on the next non-holiday.


The Village contracts with Southwest Sanitation for recycling. Their contact information is 608-637-8010 or 888-523-7110.

  • Recycling collection is every other Monday. If a holiday falls on a Monday, then recycling pickup would be on the next non-holiday.

  • Recycling must be placed in the wheeled recycling totes with the yellow lids from Southwest Sanitation. Place all recyclables loose in your recycling tote. Do not bag recyclables.


  • All color glass containers are acceptable (food and beverage containers); rinse clean, remove & discard plastic lids & caps

  • No windows, mirrors, ceramics or light bulbs


  • Plastics #1 & 2 are acceptable, rinse clean, remove & discard plastic lids & caps

  • No plastic bags/film, no styrofoam or syringes


  • Newspaper, mixed paper, office paper, chipboard, magazines, phonebooks, spiral notebooks, junk mail are all acceptable

  • Milk & juice cartons, egg cartons are acceptable


  • Cardboard, including wax coated cardboard, acceptable

  • Break down all large items to maximize space


  • Aluminum, steel, and tin cans (food and beverage containers), aluminum foil, trays and metal plates are all acceptable

  • Empty aerosol and metal paint cans are acceptable

  • No E-Waste, TV's, or computer items