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Water Sewer Utility

Important Do's and Don'ts when considering the Village Water/Sewer System:

  • Don't pour household grease into sinks, garbage disposal, or other drains.  This is one of the major contributors to sewer stoppages.
  • Don't flush diapers, sanitary napkins, newspapers, soiled rags, or paper towels down toilets.
  • Do avoid release of hair into drains of showers, bath tubs, and wash basins to prevent clogs in the traps and drains.
  • Do clean vents annually (leading from toilets) located on the roof.  It is identifiable by a 2-inch pipe on the roof.  Failure to clean vents may result in stoppages, causing dangerous sewer line gases to back up into your residence.
  • Do scrape grease and food residue from dishes and pans into a garbage bag before placing into your dishwasher or sink.  This will reduce grease build-up in the sewer lines.
  • Do unclog drains naturally by pouring 1/4 cup of baking soda down the drain followed by 1/2 cup of white vinegar.  Follow a few minutes later with boiling water.  Pour boiling water down the drains weekly to prevent clogs.
  • Do empty washing machine lint into a garbage bag to avoid the discharge of lint into the sewer line.
  • Do make sure your lateral clean-out cap is in good working condition.  If you are uncertain about your clean-out cap, have a plumber inspect it.
  • Do have a plumber routinely clear your lateral if you have had blockages in the past.
  • Do call a plumber immediately if you have a blockage or a back-up. 
Wise use of the sewer system and performance of simple preventative maintenance will help safeguard the system and reduce costs for everyone.