Water Sewer Utility

Important message from the Public Works Department - Do not flush Flushable Wipes or Depends down the toilet.  They clog up the lift station pumps. 

Sewer and Water

The Village of Coon Valley provides Water and Sewer services.  If you are new to the Village please contact the office to set up services.  If you are moving out of Coon Valley you must also contact the office to terminate services.  The phone number to the Village Office is 452-3168.



Customers are billed on a quarterly basis in March, June, September and December. 

Summer Meter Program
The Village of Coon Valley does not supply summer deduct meters.  Residents may purchase a water meter for the purpose of gaining credit for water used outside that does not go thru the septic system.
Meters can be purchased through HD Supply.
Joe Kniseley – 715-896-0896 or
Brad Hurlebaus – 608-834-1311
Tell them you are from Coon Valley and you want a summer deduct meter.
The Village will provide a washing machine hose to be used to connect the meter.
Once you receive your meter bring it to the Village office so we can record the meter ID and enter it into our system. Bring the meter back to the office once you are done using it for the summer. We will record the reading and the usage will be deducted from your sewer usage. You are responsible for the meter. Once you are done using it for the summer, store it in a heated building. The meter will freeze if it is left outside.