Yard Waste, Trash Collection and Recycling

Southwest Sanitation Garbage/Recycling

Yard Waste

Yard, garden waste, trees and shrubs must be brought to an area located on Jack Berg Lane in the Industrial Park.  The Industrial Park is located on the west end of town off of Old Mill Rd.  Construction and landscape material, plastic or garbage cannot be brought to this site.  There is a fine of up to $250 for illegal dumping.  

Trash Collection

The Village uses Southwest Sanitation for its trash collection and recycling.  Their number is 608-637-8010.  They have dumpsters available. Call for current prices and delivery.


  • Garbage collection is every Monday and Recycling collection is every other Monday, unless the actual holiday falls on Monday. Then pickup would be on the next non-holiday.
  • Garbage must be placed in Village specific garbage bags. 

Bags can be purchased at the Village Office, Chances Are Flower Shop, and Kwik Trip. 

Large Bags (33 Gallon) – Pack of 10 - $25.00
Small Bags (15 Gallon) - Pack of 10 - $20.00
Chances Are sells bags singly.
Kwik Trip sells bags singly or in packs of 10. 
The Village Office sells in packs of 10.

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  • Recycled items can be placed in clear garbage bags or blue recyclable containers. 

 Acceptable Glass (any colors)

  • Soda, beer, wine and liquor bottles
  • Juice and food containers
  • Catsup bottles
  • Please rinse clean
  • Remove lids
  • Do not break
  • Labels are OK

Not Acceptable Glass

  • Mirrors, ceramic cups and plates, clay flower pots, crystal, light bulbs, window glass, heat resistant ovenware, drinking glasses

 Plastic (MUST have recycling symbol 1-7)

  • Items that can be tied together (such as milk cartons)
  • May be placed next to bin
  • Please rinse
  • No caps or lids
  • Styrofoam is not recyclable

 Newspapers, Magazines and Catalog

  • Bundled/tied in a box or garbage bag
  • May be placed next to bin
  • Please keep dry

 Tin Cans

  • Please rinse
  • Empty aerosol cans are recyclable


  • Please rinse
  • Make sure foil is aluminum

 Other Items

  • Corrugated cardboard, boxboard (cereal, pop, etc.) must be flattened, bundled and tied in 3x4 sheets or smaller
  • Office paper should be placed in sealed clear bag 
  •  Place Batteries/Waste Oil curbside in container no larger than 5 gallons with spill-proof cap